Albert Sigmund

"Insects are quite under appreciated! If all humanity died tomorrow then life would continue with out us, but if all insects died tomorrow then all of nature would collapse."


Age: 32
Date of Birth: January 22, 1971
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: English
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 155 lb.
Sex: Male

Tradition: Sons of Ether

Parasite Eve 3 – Investigation of the Past (Albert’s Theme)

Parasite Eve 3 – Beginning of Breeding (Combat 1)

Parasite Eve 3 – Worm (Combat 2)

Parasite Eve 3 – Wait for Combustion (Strange/Investigating)

Character Notes & Opinions

  • Leynn Harbinger: Leynn is a funny lady… extremely beautiful, trusting of strangers, and uninterested in the study of insects but is for some reason interested in the details of my job which happens to involve the study of insects. Does she have a fetish for geeks? But beyond that I am interested to know as to how she came to acquire paradox… paradox that happens to be contained in her breasts. o.O The laws of magic dictate that a human containing paradox will no doubt draw “unusual” attention in the form of strange events. Furthermore she seems very protective of the man that was stalking her and her friends. Could there be a link between the two? I have an odd feeling that she is no ordinary human.
  • Artemis Liekos: She seems like a kind woman; she is very reserved and cautious of strangers. Beyond that I spoke barely a word to her so I don’t know much about her.
  • Art: Mysterious Stranger Tune A true hero! He found the monsters in sheep’s clothing, stalked them through the city and then heroically called them out for all to see. He is a shining example courage, Bravo! I give him 4 out of 5 gold stars… but he is also god awful stupid. Did he honestly believe that calling out a group of “immortals” in the middle of a pub would do him any good? I imagine that it might have made him a target for any other “real” immortals that might have been watching. But I will give him some credit though, he was a quarter right, he found Remi and I, even if I wasn’t his original target. But was it luck? or does he actually have some aptitude in finding “unusual” individuals. I feel sorry for people like him, because they only have half a clue as to whats really going on in the world and as result they suffer… Immensely. I wish I could tell him he was right.
  • Kyiel Augustine Valinear: A very large, strong, and violent man. He doesn’t seem very smart, but at least he is capable of listening. I really don’t like being insulted by thugs like him but there is not much I can do about it.
  • Remi: As absurd as it sounds, this woman is not human. She has no heart beat nor any mystical life in her. A real walking dead! But more importantly, what is her connection to the humans she travels with? Could they really be her friends? do they know her secret? My curiosity demands that I find answers, but my common sense tells me that I will be damned if I do.

Equipment/Items Carried



Albert’s Journal


  • Albert is very long winded and has a tendency to ramble.
  • Albert is passionate about his job and informing others of what he knows about insects and animals.
  • Albert does not take kindly to seeing others express any sort of “stupidity.”
  • Albert’s hobbies are, collecting comic books, (his favorites are Spiderman and the Blue Beatle), Movies, Insect preservation/taxidermy, and he likes musicals.

Albert Sigmund

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