Tag: Dead


  • Marcus N. Xavier

    *CLASSIFIED* [[X's Journal | X's Case Files]] h2. Extra h3. Equipment h4. Gadgets * Laptop * Spy Cam (with crappy night vision) * Gun maintenance kit * Digital Camera * sample kit, plastic gloves, black light, finger print duster and …

  • Nëxus Amell

    * Nëxus is a porn star. * Very defensive about tattoo on right wrist * Has a brother named Aiden * Craves vampire bites * Has started using heroin again * Destoyed by Isis' death * Has lost the will to live * Still trying to protect Caleb * Very …

  • Caleb

    * Boy-toy * Anger issues * Hates [[:hoover | Hoover]] and [[:aiden-amell | Aiden]] * Where is he?

  • James A. Knarr

    * Lake Forest Cop * Lived in Lake Forest his whole life. * Believes that the recent deaths in the town had super natural happenings behind them. * Sustained a knee injure in boot camp that prevented him from re-enlisting in the military. * Seems …

  • Francis M. Sparks

    * Missing; wanted posters all over town. * Had ambitions of becoming a chef. * Has a bit of a rap sheet. * Friends with kids from the reservation * Friends with Mark H. Wechsler who was helping him in his search for a culinary school * Last seen with …

  • Alexia Valinear

    * Kyiel's Wife * Mother of [[:brian-valinear | Brian]] and [[:kelly-alexia-valinear | Kelly Valinear ]]