Kyiel Augustine Valinear

"Who want's Salmon!?"


“What would you do if you lost everything that gave your life meaning? …well, I choose to bury my claws deep into whatever made me break my grip on them.”

“Sir, are you giving my friend’s here problems? Do you know what I do to handle most of our problems?”

Art Credit


  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 35
  • DoB: 10/14/1967
  • Height: 7’3"
  • Weight: 335 Ibs.
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eyes: Hazely-Gold
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American

Incubus – Pardon Me (Kyiels Theme Season 2.5)

Nickelback – Burn it to the Ground (Battle Theme!)

FFXI COP OST: Distant Promises (Sad theme Season 2)

The World Ends With You – Transformation (New found determination)

Beauty And the Beast – If I Can’t Love Her (Musical Theater Theme)

Character’s opinion of the PC’s:

Ghita Zeal: “My blood pressure is back to normal now that he is gone, but I feel like I lost an an important piece of my investigation to find Brian…”

Nexus Amell: “DAMNIT! If only I was there, I could have helped her…”

Artemis: “I think she believes I haven’t changed much. Well, you can’t expect miracles, I’m taking Baby steps.”

Mr.X: “He died trying to bring to my family… I’ll never forget him for that…”

Sally Lindsey: “Holy shit, she must be back! Cults blowing shit up, Sally’s return, Her crazy ass magic?! This can’t be a coincidence!”

Leynn: “Why is she acting all ‘buddy, buddy’ with that crazy stalker cokehead and why the fuck did she give him a note!?”

Remi: “She…is…nice…for…a…vampire…I should be…nice to…her…too…*twitch*twitch*”

Random Facts about Kyiel

  • His favorite comic book character is Wolverine.
  • He loves Salmon, but cant stand tuna.
  • keeps a shit load of pictures of his family in his wallet.
  • He played football in high school as the Linebacker.
  • His favorite type of music is rock and metal and any of its sub-genres.
  • Dislikes vampires with a fiery passion.

Physical Description

you demanded it, so here it is in all of its creepy, unwanted detail…enjoy…

Kyiel, being above 7 feet and over 300 pounds, obviously has a very large physic, with large powerful arms and broad, thick shoulders, typical features you see in a person who competes in strongman events. Despite being big and strong, Kyiel’s body is Endomorphic in shape, meaning that his muscle is built under a layer of fat. That means that his muscles are huge, but not defined; he doesn’t have a six pack, but that doesn’t that his abdominal muscles are weak. Contrary to popular assumption, Kyiel is not as hairy as you’d think he’d be. Yes, he has think arm and leg hair, but his back and chest hair is light and not very thick except in his Arthren form. As he mentioned quite loudly the porn shop, he man-scape’s his pubic hair, advance from his wife which he has kept for her pleasure and for his comfort (“your right honey, it does look bigger!”). Now, for less creepy detail; Kyiel has the Gurahl symbol tatoo’d on his right shoulder, which changes with him when he goes into Crinos, Bjornen, or Ursus stage in the form of a white patch of fur in that shape. He sports a trimmed beard that looks more like a very think five o’clock shadow. he tries to keep it styled as best he can. He has short unkempt hair, which has gone slightly gray in area’s due to his age. He has no idea who his biological parents are, so it is unclear if baldness runs in his gene pool. He still wears his wedding ring, a simple stainless steel band with an engraving of his wifes name, “Alexandria” on in the inside. He style of clothing doesn’t change often when it comes to his casual appearance; he wears a variety of different Graphic T-Shirts with either a biker vest or jacket, depending on the season or time of day, unbuttoned or unzipped so people can see the t-shirt. He wears mostly jeans, but he does keep a pair of shorts around for hot summer days. He keeps two pairs of shoes, casual DC sneakers that his wife bought him because they were “In-style”, which he has grown to like, and his leather biker boots, which he wears more often. He does have biker chaps, but only wears them on long motorcycle rides.

  • Kyiel is a werebear.
  • Doesn’t like people touching his bike
  • Anger Issues
  • Were-Thing?

Kyiel Augustine Valinear

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