April - Flying Solo

Time: Morning
Mood: Determined
Location: London, England
Current Song: Halo – The Gun Pointed at the Head of The Universe

There was no trust left. I could no longer trust Artemis and her allies. Kyiel was the only one that mattered to me and the only one left that I trusted with my heart. But the vampires have him under their thumb. They controlled his possessions, wealth and his new found love Michelle. He can’t do anything reckless at this point that would endanger her and Stephanie, besides, Michelle needs him and he still owes her a poem.

I can’t believe they sent him on a trip to change himself just because they didn’t approve of his behavior. I knew what he was going through. Why he resorted to alcohol and violence. Why he hates vampires. They overlooked that fact that he had lost his wife, daughter and missing son! Still they wanted him on a leash since he was a dying breed.

I like you Kyiel just the way you are. You need not change yourself just because others think you should. Where is the free will in that? You are who you choose to be, and no one can take that from you! I will write to you at least once a week to let you know how I’m doing over here. Please, write me back also. I’d love to hear from you.

I didn’t go back to America. I stayed behind to finish some unfinished business. I’m not leaving until I get to the bottom of this. I need to find Daddy’s body, dead or alive. I don’t know what kind of abomination this is, but I know for sure that he wouldn’t send me a letter with his dying will on it if he’s still alive. This doesn’t make any sense. Please don’t tell me that he’s no longer that Daddy I also once knew. I heard his voice during that one night we attempted to contact the spirits of the dead. So he’s certainly dead. Someone is playing a dirty prank on me, and that is unforgivable to defile my Daddy’s grave! I will hunt you down, whoever you are!

I will stay here in England. Gather my thoughts, my will, my strength, my courage, my faith, and then once I’m ready… I will seek out fellow Hunters like myself, with common goals and ambitions, and form a group to engage in this Hunt.

I’m coming for you.

April - Flying Solo

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