April - No Friend of Mine

Time: Afternoon
Mood: Unwilling
Location: Small Town in England
Current Song: FFXI COP OST – Distant Promises (Kyiel’s Sad Theme)

The trickle of warm water from the shower felt good against my skin. It helped soothed my stress and anxieties from this whole ordeal. I don’t know if it’s just me, but everything we do is being monitored and recorded. They always know where we are and what we’re up to. I no longer have that feeling of security, safety or privacy. The enemy has us within their fingertips… controlling us at every whim. I had no clue as to what was going on anymore. I felt very much like a puppet being tugged wherever the puppeteer desired and random information was popping out at us at the last minute. I can honestly say that I haven’t been myself nor been able to control my decisions these past few days… I never really wanted to move out of Morgan’s place or throw wild parties, or go to dance clubs with Artemis. Morgan and I have been together a long time and through so much to just let it all fall apart because of some douchebag. Honestly… she is no longer the Morgan that I once knew. We’re like the best of the best of the best of friends. Nothing could keep us apart. We had each others backs all throughout childhood and now… (sigh).

I cried in that shower, and I cried my eyes out. I just wanted to cry myself to death at that moment. I sat there in the shower hugging my knees against my chest with my face buried between them. I could no longer contain myself… I didn’t like where my life was heading.

After a few hours the others summoned me to their room to discuss our plans for the evening. I honestly don’t know anything about this town and I was born in London where I also partially grew up. I left at a young age when Mommy’s life was taken and Daddy’s secret was compromised. He had to protect me from the abominations of this world so we left for America.

Our best bet was to ask the locals in the area to see what the town was known for or whatever sight there was to see in that town. We had to wait til nightfall of course, since we had a nocturnal person with us.

Once night came, we all made our way down to the lobby where the others noticed the same man we first met at the airport peeking through the window like an obvious creeper. Kyiel did not approve of his behavior so he confronted him and tried to intimidate him, but apparently not enough.

I finally step outside where I noticed the same gentleman from earlier who helped me with my luggage. He appeared to be looking for something as he examined his surroundings tenaciously. He introduced himself as Albert Sigmund and I asked him what he was searching for and he replied, “spiders.” Again, I was turned off with the subject of creepy crawlies but as he went off enlightening me in the field of Entomology, I was highly impressed with his knowledge and felt that I could learn much from this fellow. I also loved his English accent. Reminds me of Daddy. He never got rid of the accent. I suppose once a certain age, the accent sticks permanently.

The others catchup once they dealt with the stalker and regrouped with me. We were going to tour the town and I decided to invite Albert to come along with us since he was a local. He agreed and led us to a nearby Pub.

He was so caught up with his spiders that he didn’t want to drink any alcoholic beverages. I admired him for that but I convinced him to at least have some iced-tea with me. He was allowed to have a break at least in between his work and studies, surely he’s not a workaholic… or is he?

Time: Night
Mood: Uncomfortable → Betrayed
Location: Pub
Current Song: Naruto OST – Fooling Mode

To our surprise the same stalker walked in the Pub and nonchalantly walked behind us and into the bathroom like we didn’t notice him at all. I finally got uncomfortable with him so I tugged on Kyiel’s shirt and pointed him out like a small girl pointing out her bullies in front of her daddy at a school playground. Kyiel rolled up his sleeves and excused himself to take care of business, but as he confronted him, the stranger all of the sudden called Kyiel, Artemis and Remi supernatural beings! WOW! How did he know?! He was laughed at of course and I was expecting Kyiel to go easy on the fellow, but he straight up picked him up by the shirt and threw him outside. Everyone else followed them outside but I decided to stay and drink my iced-tea. But then out of nowhere I had a strange feeling that he could be a…? With that thought in mind, I went outside to warn him of his actions then went back inside to finish up my drink. After a few minutes, I overheard someone get hit and Kyiel becoming furious… whoops, bad move buddy. You never ever want to hit a bear… I couldn’t help myself but plant my face in my palm. I could clearly hear Kyiel’s angry voice from inside… it sounded like it was about to get ugly then in the stranger’s defense, he quickly apologized and introduced himself as Art and revealed himself as well as his brief background story!

Halo – Undercover of Night

Now I definitely had to do something for sure before the idiot gets himself killed. I quickly reached inside my purse with one hand for my lipstick while my other hand reached for a napkin. If my calculations are correct, then he will understand this. I can only hope that the others will try to understand… but I was gravely mistaken.

My intervention only led me to discover that Artemis had no trust nor any sign of leniency towards me. My spirit was crushed instantly and my opinion on her was forever changed. What were all our efforts in our previous and current investigations for? Our times of near life and death experiences together? My effort in befriending and helping her become more sociable? Could she really be this selfish and stubborn? Could all she really care about was herself and vampires? To mask the truth with lies and deceit? To keep humans under the control of supernatural forces like mere cattle? I have no obligation to do so as a Hunter. My job is to reveal the truth, to pierce those illusions, and to free mankind from bondage! Did my existence even matter to her? Or was she told to keep an eye on me from her superiors? To keep me in check? To make sure I don’t go exterminating vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural forces that drink the very blood that runs in my veins! The very blood that they need to live on! This is why we cannot coexist, nor become friends… wrong. There was no friendship in the beginning, just tolerance of putting up with a human, or should I say Hunter.

You are no friend of mine.

April - No Friend of Mine

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