February 17 - Bar Hopping

Monday, February 17
Time: Morning
Location: Kyiel’s House
Mood: Hunter Mode

Skillet – Awake&Alive

It occurred to me that Dawn is lacking that zeal Defenders hold. If I’m not mistaken she’s more of a Redeemer or Innocent at heart. Her twin is a vampire and her husband is a magic user. Evil or not, she has married a supernatural man and she has surrounded herself with supernaturals. I really don’t know how she’s coping with this but for me, working with the group is a constant itch to my conscience and a conflict to my creed. Whether good or bad, sabbat or not, my creed proposes that I protect others no matter what. Protect humans not supernaturals. Last I recall we were chosen to help mankind and not monsters. If you harm a human being I’ll be forced to take action. If you’re expecting mercy or compassion from me, I’m really not the type even if I did I won’t be so easy in giving it. Find yourself a Redeemer or an Innocent they’ll work things out with you, or maybe even a Judge, just pray that he doesn’t convict you with sin and invoke righteous judgement on you. I have to stay true to my creed and it’s time to face the facts. This is a world of darkness. This ain’t no game. This is as real as it gets. One wrong move and I’m dead. It’s scary I know, and there are worst things out there unimaginable, but what kind of Hunter am I if I let fear control my life and let others tell me what I can or cannot do. I wouldn’t accomplish one damn thing and nothing to contribute to this war. I know that these creatures can very well take my life in a blink of an eye but that is why I have to be clever and cautious. I will put a stop in the Styx Gang’s trail of violence. Find Kyiel’s son dead or alive… and find the serial killer who’s marking their victims with Nexus’ name and put an end to his sickening schemes.

It’s time that I put on the mindset of a Hunter and start acting like one.

Time: Noon
Location: Kyiel’s House
Mood: Hunter Mode

Under Cover of Night

I decided to take a look at pictures in Kyiel’s home while waiting for Lucas to get back from school. I wanted to see if maybe he had relatives or other close friends to him that may be able to either lend a hand or be a possible suspect. Unfortunately there was none. I feel bad for him, he’s as lonely as I am. He’s lost so much.

I took another peek at Hunter.Net and at last there was some news. Another murder victim that occurred earlier today at 2am. An amateur porn star and from the looks of it the body appears to be more banged up than the previous ones. What is the meaning of this? Is the killer trying to get Nexus’ attention if not Nexus herself? What’s the killer’s motive?

When Lucas had arrived I took the time to sit with him and talk him through the events of the kidnapping. He showed me the backdoor from which the suspect(s) may have entered from. From his description he was pretty messed up in the head. Could he have been assaulted from behind or the work of magical illusions? There was no other way into the building besides the secret passage which was installed right after the remodeling of the house as Artemis described. I went to investigate it anyhow.

Once I found the passage I activated my Alarm ability but didn’t sense anything so I slowly made my way down to find a huge metal door. I attempted several times to open the damn door but it wouldn’t budge and I was starting to reek like sewage. It was gross! I can’t stand smelling that bad. I quickly showered and applied perfume when I returned.

I called up Artemis and Nexus if they wanted to do some more bar hopping investigation but Nexus had a date again… Artemis agreed though since all she was doing was playing with the Power Puff Girls kittens.

Time: Night
Location: Baloney Club
Mood: Uncomfortable

I think we picked the wrong crowd, this was more of the older and business type of people. It was full of business men and women. There were some sexy women though with the business attire. I’m fond of those. The ladies with nothing but a dress shirt on. Mmmmm!


So we made our way to the bar and Artemis recognized a really strange fellow. It was that Isaac guy. OMG! I swear this man must have a 10ft wooden pole shoved up his ass! He is so awkward, stiff and on edge, also accusing me of terrorist. DICK! He ought to take that pole out of his ass and stick it right in his empty dome. I walked away to grab a drink from frustration but only to come back later to make small talk with him since Artemis was actually conversing with him. I don’t know what they talked about but he started asking questions about us only to find nothing about him since he left after he finished his rounds… I want to strangle that man. Better yet, smack him upside the head with the wooden dildo Nexus bought.

We drove by a ghetto part of LA to do some more investigation, but Artemis called it quits. We’ll have to return here to investigate the prostitutes.

February 17 - Bar Hopping

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