January 1 2003 Wednesday

So today was kinda average. Well as average as it can get in a freezing, snow covered place like Salem. Around noon i went out to the mail boxes to get my mail. Normally it’s junk but sometimes there’s a few bills or something in there.

I didn’t notice until i got back to my appartment that there was a small letter in the bundle of junk that was different. As i sat on the couch, waking up Rich because he was sleeping there, i open the letter and find something shocking.

It’s a invite to Marcus Xaiver’s funeral!

No way. Is this the same Marcus i knew back in Lake Forest six months ago?! it just can’t be.

I was frozen stiff and just staring at the paper in disbelief for a good half hour until Rich meowed and woke me out of my stupor.

After that i immediately called my uncle, asking him to get me the earliest possible flight to Los Angelos. He asked why i want to go there and i tell him about the funeral. He understands and wires me a flight for this Friday, leaving the airport at 8 am and arriving in LA at 3 in the after noon.

I then call the number on the card to get the answering machine of Natalie Black. I leave a message and my number, hoping that she calls back with information of how X died.

It’s about an hour later while i cook dinner that i realize something.

X was a friend of Kyeil’s, a man i’ve been keeping in contact with once a month with updates on my uncle’s search for his son Bryan. Once i have dinner in the over, i call him.

We talk for a while and i find out he got a letter just like the one i got. and after he asked where i’m staying, he said he’ll allow me to stay at his place, since my uncle didn’t get around to finding me a hotel or something.

Once things are arranged, i decide to head out tomorrow to get something appropreent to wear for the funeral. It may have been 12 years since i had to go to my parents funeral but i remember what attire is needed for a funeral.

i then call the appartment manager Carl, asking if he c an take care of Rich for me since i will be going out of town for a while. He says he would love too and will even give me a ride to the airport so i don’t have to pay a fee for leaving my car in the airport parking lot.

After making a note to get more cat food for Rich, i then go to bed, wondering how could X have died.

January 1 2003 Wednesday

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