March - Getting To Know Artemis

Time: Brunch
Mood: Hungry
Location: Morgan’s Apartment → Sandwich Joint

So I finally called Artemis to setup a girl’s day out with her, and to my surprise she agreed! I’ve known her for depriving me of fun, but this time she’s more outgoing. In any case I’m happy for her, she just needs to learn to hang loose and have more fun!

We agreed to meet up for lunch at a sandwich joint. Mmmm! A turkey sandwich sounds delicious right now! I’m not sure about her but I tend to stay away from fast food and the greasy stuff! Definitely not good for a lady’s figure!

Once there, I was very hesitant to ask but I knew I had to. I asked her how Ghita was doing, and she responded that she honestly don’t know, and even if she did she wouldn’t be allowed to tell me such details. I gave up. I suppose it’s fair if they don’t tell me about supernatural business since I’m only human after all.

She hasn’t really been doing much, only working and spending time with her friendly neighborhood werewolves as well as vampires… I guess I should be glad that vampires and werewolves are getting along so nicely… and not an all out war.

I asked her about her feelings for Ghita, but she avoided the question and tried to change the subject… poor girl, it must be a hurtful topic to speak of such things. Either that or she no longer want to think of Ghita that way. Why can’t she just hook up with another normal werewolf? There’s plenty around here. That way there’s nothing to hide. Ghita’s a great guy but him and Scarlet got something going on, which reminds me… Scarlet does seem to be similar to Persephone… hmmm, maybe that’s why he has a thing for both of them. Oh well, I’ve already established that he’s a man-slut. Artemis, wake up and smell the fresh air! Don’t tell me you’re stuck on this guy! If this is what you wish then I won’t say another word.

I asked her if she wants to learn a foreign language together, along the lines of Spanish since we are in LA after all and I do have Latin blood flowing within my veins, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to speak Spanish. Besides the whole South America is LATIN! Or learn more about Technology or Computers. Technology is booming so fast, sooner or later we’re going to have touch screen cellphones and computers… I just know it! She’ll give it a thought.

Time: Past Noon
Mood: SUPER Excited
Location: Pedi/Medi → Clothes shopping → The Zoo → Museum

Naruto – Sakura Season

OMG! I finally got my nails done in a long time! They look super gorgeous!

Talk about awkward! Is Artemis ashamed of being seen with a human? Does she even want to be here? Is she enjoying herself? Either way, her nails look fabulous! This is a good look for her! Now to find some matching clothes!

I didn’t know her favorite color was green too! This is great!

OMG Artemis! You walk so stiff and awkward with heels! This is sooo cute! I need to catch this on video! You need to relax. Shoulders back, no slouching, and walk with heel to ball of your feet. It’ll come naturally eventually with enough practice. Yes, your feet will ache! But just like how the human body adapts to anything, your feet will too! If it’ll make it easier on you, walk as if you’re strutting or listening music…

Ok, she appears to be more comfortable in the Zoo. She likes animals. Watching her feed the animals was very touching. My hunch was right, she’s more of a nature girl than a city girl. And she enjoys hiking on mountain trails! Er, if only I was a hiker… well can’t hurt to go and try. It’ll be a good workout for the body as well for survival skills. We should definitely go hiking some time.

Time: Night
Mood: Bored out of my mind
Location: Museum → Dinner @ restaurant

[Yawns] I don’t think going to the museum was a good idea… this is so boring… show me something supernatural! I feel bad for Artemis, I don’t think she enjoyed this part at all, neither did I.

After the museum, we decided to end the day with a dinner at a sit-down restaurant where I got to know her a bit more. I learned that she hates it here in LA, and is actually homesick. She eventually wants to go back and visit Michigan, however she likes the company here in LA with her new-found friends, which meant she must’ve lived a lonely life in Michigan… she mentioned that she had a sister who sadly passed away in an automobile collision… her father died before she was born… and her mother is doing well back in Michigan though unaware of Artemis’s deeds.

I see that she’s definitely had her share of loss, so I changed it up to ask if she’s had some past boyfriends… but she got quiet all the sudden. Was that a bad question? Is Ghita her first boyfriend? But eventually she reluctantly revealed a boy she dated back in high school and would no longer say anymore. Now I’m all curious about this boy she dated… was he a werewolf? or a normal guy? Wait, don’t tell me, he’s a vampire too huh…?

When I asked her about what she thought of Scarlet it wasn’t any better but she doesn’t seem to have any problems with her so I guess it’s ok with Artemis for Ghita to be fooling around…? Oh boy what kind of relationship is this? A love triangle…?

I asked her more about her baby sitting job and she says that she loves it. She loves the feeling of being able to make a difference in the lives of these outcast children. I get the impression that she’s looking out for children with cancer and disabilities at a children’s hospital. That’s nice of her. She likes kids and gets along with kids. She would surely make a great mother someday, it’s unfortunate about her condition.

When I asked her about what she thought of Kyiel, she had nothing but complaints about how he always got us in trouble and didn’t bother improving on his anger management or something about not having his head screwed on correctly. Yes, Kyiel makes rash decisions most of the time, but I like Kyiel, in fact he’s the one I feel most attached to. He has his good qualities, which doesn’t really outweigh the bad ones, but that’s what he went away for right? To better himself in a spiritual matter?

Finally, I asked her about what she thought of me. She says that I can be very stubborn at difficult times, yes I agree, but I don’t think she knew what I was going through during those times. I have to be. I’m a Hunter I can’t just be revealing everything about myself… I don’t even know one damn thing about your werewolf/vampire business. You see the odds? That’s why I have to be stubborn. It’s part of being a woman. I wouldn’t be here in LA if I wasn’t so stubborn towards my Daddy.

I will learn to trust you Artemis. With my past and identity revealed, I just don’t know how long your werewolf and vampire buddies will keep me alive.

March - Getting To Know Artemis

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